scAUR™ Features

Features of scAUR™ Scour Countermeasures:

NO SCOUR, even at large angles of cross-flow;
lower current and future costs; only surface inspections needed;  
lower drag force, water level and over-topping frequency on a pier or abutment during flood conditions;
little or no accumulation of debris during flood conditions;
modular stainless steel components provide quality control and rapid installation for retrofitting bridges; durable steel forms for casting concrete systems on new bridges longer bridge life.

The scAUR™ products follow the design criteria in FHWA HEC-18 and 23, such as "avoiding adverse flow patterns, streamlining bridge elements, designing bridge pier foundations to resist scour without relying on the use of rip rap or other countermeasures"

The scAUR™ designs uniquely prevent foundation rock scour, as described in the video presentation.

All other scour countermeasures are temporary and still allow scour ! 
scAUR™ permanently prevents scour !