Facilities for Engineering Design and Testing Service

• AUR computer aided design and numerical simulation laboratory; 
• AUR water channel and flume laboratories; 
• AUR laser instrumentation laboratory, www.aurinc.com

AUR applies unique 21st century manufacturing technologies to scAUR™ products. AUR’s design team uses computer aided design software to design three-dimensional streamlined scAUR™ shapes and achieve minimum design cycle time. These shapes are optimized and evaluated using numerical models (computational fluid dynamics (CFD)) and standard hydraulic flume tests. 

​​Manufacturing Facilities

• Precision machining and fabrication shop network for stainless steel for retrofits and new bridge steel forms 

A network of precision machining and fabrication shops have modern CNC and inspection equipment required to handle highly 3D streamlined scAUR™ shapes. The experienced machinists provide accurate drawing, machining and prototyping work. The manufacturing staff works closely with the engineering staff to ensure that accurate quality scAUR™ parts are manufactured and delivered in a timely fashion. Easy and standard manufacturing and installation methods for interlocking stainless steel sections are used and eliminate manufacturing uncertainties and flaws. Stainless steel technologies have the following major advantages:

• Better control of shape
• Long lifetime for the product
• Faster installation and less interruption to traffic