The AUR in-house Linux parallel computing cluster has 24 (2.5 GHZ) processors which can be expanded for increased computing power. The current Linux cluster supports simulations of 10+ million cells and cluster nodes are comprised of off-the-shelf hardware networked together via gigabit ethernet. The CFD solvers in OpenFoam are optimized to take full advantage of these parallel computing capabilities. AUR employs a variety of commercial and custom in-house codes for grid generation, flow field solutions, and post processing. 

Flow Solvers:
OpenFOAM (Open Field Operation and Manipulation) software
Can simulate complex fluid flows involving 3D separation, turbulence, and vortex flows;
Uses a finite volume method to solve systems of partial differential equations ascribed on any 3D unstructured mesh of polyhedral cells;
Produces time accurate capabilities for unsteady, steady-state, and transient flows;
Implements a full range of turbulence models (Spalart-Allmaras, V2-f, k-e, k-w, QZeta, RSTM, DES, et al.) Full range of LES models (Smagorinsky, Dynamic Smagorinsky, Scale similarity, LRR differential stress, et al.);
Enables parallel computing opportunities;

Our CFD engineers also have experience working with additional commercial flow solvers such as CFX and FLUENT.

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