Frequently asked questions about the scAUR™ and VorGAUR™ product features

Do scAUR™ and VorGAUR™ products adhere to HEC-18 and 23?

Yes, streamlined shaped piers are recommended to use for scour prevention on all new bridges. 
 For example, in HEC-18, it states "streamline piers to decrease scour and minimize potential for buildup of ice and debris". 

In a simple answer, what do  scAUR™ and VorGAUR™ products do?

Prevent the formation of vortices that cause local scour, also resulting in lower pier or abutment drag, water level, and debris collection.

Why has nobody thought of this before?

To achieve a robust optimal shape that does not produce vortices required understanding and correct modeling of the flow physics. The experts at AUR have years of related research experience.

Do your products alleviate nearby bed scour at high velocities?


Do your products cause greater scour away from the pier or abutment?


How robust are scAUR™ and vorGAUR™ products over various angles of crossflow, inflow stream swirl, stream depths and stream speeds?

The  scAUR™ and vorGAUR™ products prevent vortices that cause local scour at all water depths, stream speeds, inflow swirl, and angles of crossflow of ±20 degrees. Special designs prevent scour for crossflow angle up to 45deg.

How do your products perform for 45 degree angles of crossflow?

With the "dog-leg" design, there is minimal scour downstream of the pier from water surface generated vortices. (see 2016 Patent)

Are  scAUR™ and vorGAUR™ products just another armoring method?

No,  scAUR™ and vorGAUR™ products prevent the formation of scouring vortices.