Based on aero/hydrodynamic design concepts, scAUR™ and VorGAUR™ products prevent the discrete vortices that cause scour. Extensive computer modeling and model and full-scale testing have proven these products.

1.  Much lower present value of present and future scour mitigation costs as compared to other approaches.

2. Lower drag force, flow blockage, water level, and over-topping frequencies on bridges during flood conditions, for any water level or inflow turbulence level.

3. Debris accumulation prevention and pier and abutment protection from impact loads because of the streamlined flow without a horseshoe vortex, which deflects objects and debris away from the underwater structure.

4. High quality proven-technology prefabricated stainless steel or cast concrete components for quality control and rapid installation.

5. More stability for the soil and rocks surrounding the piers and abutments. 

6. 100 year or more lifetimes and longer bridge life.

Summary of scAUR™