The purposes of this site are to introduce you to scAUR™ products that provide permanent prevention of bridge scour that causes catastrophic bridge washouts and loss of life.

Group of piles

Conceptual scAUR patented product with streamlned shape (actual shape not shown) which prevents flow conditions that produce local scour for all given upstream flows at any depth; leading edge ramp submerged under river bed.

scAUR™ Products

This patented scAUR™ with vorGAUR™ products were proven in National Cooperative Highway Research Program - IDEA (NCHRP-IDEA) Project 162 full-scale tests.

​​No other scour countermeasure works as well as scAUR™​​

Why pay more for less scour protection? 

Use scAUR™ products instead !

Watch the video below that was prepared for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)​​

​​The Permanent Scour Prevention and Solution Against Bridge Hydraulic Scour

Modular interlocking stainless steel sections for quick installation on existing bridges and durable steel forms for concrete on new bridges.